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Arctostaphylos uva-ursi 'Massachusetts'

H: 10-15cm           Z:2          *O.C. 50cm (2)

Vigorous, disease-resistant selection with bright-green foliage.


Arctostaphylos uva-ursi 'Vancouver Jade'


H:10cm                  Z:4          *O.C. 50cm (2)

Mat-forming, evergreen ground cover with low, rooting branches, glossy leaves and small, pink flowers, becoming scarlet-red fruit.  A UBC Botanical Garden introduction.



(see Broadleaved Evergreen section)


CASSIOPE                                       Ericaceae


C. mertensiana                                White Heather

H:to 25cm                            Z:3          *O.C. 30cm (2)

L/U: mass planting

Small, spreading, evergreen, alpine shrub with upwardly-flattened, scaly foliage and small, reddish, bell-shaped, axiliary flowers.  (Mtns of Western N. America)




Cotoneaster dammeri

H:to 10cm             Z:6          *O.C. 60cm (3)

Low, evergreen ground cover with long shoots, dark, glossy-green, 3cm long leaves and white, usually solitary flowers in summer, becoming red fruit.  (Hulei, Sichuan, Guizhou, Yunnan China)


Cotoneaster dammeri 'Lowfast'

( syn Skogholm)

H:to 60cm             Z:5          *O.C. 60cm (2)

Spreading shrub to 2-3m wide with rooting branches and large, smooth, pale-green leaves.  Flowers in groups of 2-6, become light-red fruit.


Canadian Ornamental Plant Foundation

Plants marked as "COPF" registered are restricted in propagation to grower members, and are subject to a royalty.  Please see catalog introduction for details and royalty rates.



Cotoneaster salicifolius 'Repens' (Avonrood)

H:60cm                  Z:7          *O.C. 60cm (2)

Low-branching shrub with non-rooting branches, glossy-green leaves, blue beneath and small, light-red fruit.  (Southwestern China)



The following two species carry the common name "Brooms" and are therefore listed together below.  Brooms are evergreen or deciduous, ranging in size and shape from large-growing to low-spreading shrubs.  Prefer full sun, but grow well in most conditions.


CYTISUS                                   Leguminosae


C. x praecox                      Warminster Broom

H:0.9-2.m                             Z:6          *O.C. 1m (3)

L/U: mass planting on steep slopes or banks

Semi-spreading shrub with graceful, arching branches covered with masses of creamy-white flowers in early-spring.  Garden origin.


GENISTA                                   Leguminosae


G. lydia (Spathulata)

H:60cm                                 Z:5          *O.C. 60cm (3)

L/U: ground cover

Outstanding dwarf shrub with slender, pendulous branches, covered with golden-yellow flowers in early-spring.  (E. Balkans)


G. pilosa 'Vancouver Gold'

H:to 45cm                            Z:5          *O.C. 50cm (3)

L/U: ground cover

Spreading, mound-forming broom with small, dark-green leaves and golden-yellow flowers in April.  A UBC Botanical Garden introduction.



(see Perennials & Ferns section)


EUONYMUS (Celastraceae)


Euonymus fortunei 'Coloratus'

H:to 50cm             Z:5          *O.C. 50cm (2)

Evergreen spreading shrub, with thin, 5cm long leaves, deep-purple in fall.  Stem and leaves used in medicine.  (Eastern China)


Euonymus fortunei 'Emerald Gaiety'

H:40-60cm            Z:6          *O.C. 50cm (3)

Hardy, compact shrub with silver-margined leaves.


Euonymus fortunei 'Emerald 'N Gold'

H:25-40cm            Z:6          *O.C. 50cm (2)

Variegated green, gold and pink leaves.


EURYA (see Broadleaved Evergreen section)


GAULTHERIA (Ericaceae)


Gaultheria procumbens (Wintergreen)

H:to 15cm             Z:3          *O.C. 20cm (2)

Stoloniferous, creeping shrublet with small, smooth, bristly, glossy leaves, very aromatic when crushed.  White to light-pink flowers, solitary or in small racemes in summer become red fruit.  (Eastern, Central N. America)


Gaultheria shallon (Salal)

H:to 60cm             Z:5          *O.C. 30cm (2)

Stoloniferous ground cover forming a dense thicket of tough, bristly, ovate, 10cm long leaves.  Numerous, pendulous, white to light-pink flower racemes in summer become red to black berries.  Can grow to 2m tall in full shade.  (Alaska to Oregon)



(see Broadleaved Evergreen section)


GUNNERA (Gunneraceae)


Gunnera magellanica

H:4-12cm              Z:7

Vigorous, wide-spreading perennial ground cover with round, ruffled leaves to 8cm wide.  Prefers full sun to partial shade and wet sites.  (Argentina, Southern Chile)



L/U: ground cover, border, rockery, planter

Calluna varieties usually bloom from summer-fall, Erica from fall to late-spring.  Prune or shear after blooming to stimulate new growth.  Prefers bright sites. Combine with other acid loving plants.


CALLUNA                                        Ericaceae


C. vulgaris (assorted varieties)

H:0.50m                        Z:6          *O.C. 60cm (3)


ERICA                                              Ericaceae


E. carnea (assorted varieties)

H:0.50m                               Z:5          *O.C. 50cm (3)

HEDERA (Araliaceae)


Hedera canariensis (Algerian Ivy)

H:30cm                  Z:7          *O.C. 60cm (2)

A tropical-looking, rampant, shallowly-lobed, large-leaved, tender ivy with red stems and petioles.


Hedera helix (English Ivy)

H:to 30cm             Z:5          *O.C. 50cm (2)

L/U: ground cover, wall-covering

Hardy, evergreen, spreading shrub with small, dark-green leaves.  Tolerates sun or shade.




All prices are in Canadian dollars, F.O.B. Pitt Meadows, British Columbia.



Hedera helix 'Baltica'

H:10cm                  Z:5          *O.C. 50cm (2)

Dark-green, medium-sized, conspicuously white-veined leaves.


HYPERICUM (Hypericaceae)


Hypericum calycinum (St. Johnswort)

H:20-60cm            Z:6          *O.C. 30cm (2)

Evergreen shrub with creeping, branching stolons, upright stems, 5-10cm long, leathery leaves.  Solitary, star-shaped, bright-yellow flowers in summer.  Shear in winter to maintain form.


LIRIOPE (Liliaceae) (Lily Turf)


Liriope muscari

H:to 45cm             Z:6

L/U: ground cover, border

Clump-forming with its tufts of dark-green, grass-like leaves.  Blooms in summer.  Prefers partial shade.


LONICERA (Carifoliaceae)


Lonicera pileata

H:to 45cm             Z:6          *O.C. 60cm (2)

Low, often prostrate evergreen to semi-deciduous shrub with purple young shoots, small, glossy dark-green, diamond-shaped leaves.  Paired, yellowish-white flowers in spring become dark-blue fruit.  (Northern, Central China)




OPHIOPOGON (Liliaceae)


Ophiopogon japonicus (Dwarf Lily Turf)

H:to 25cm             Z:7          *O.C. 30cm (2)

Clump-forming shrub when young, becoming a dense, grass-like, dark-green ground cover with 25cm long leaves.  Small, pink flowers become blue berries.  Prefers warm, protected sites.  Rhizomes used in medicine.  (Southern China)


 Ophiopogon japonicus 'Gyoku Ryu'

H:to 5cm                Z:7          *O.C. 20cm (2)

Low maintenance ground cover similar to the species but with a very low, compact habit and purple berries.  Introduced by Piroche Plants, 1989.  (Japan)




Pachysandra terminalis (Japanese Spurge)

H:20cm                  Z:5          *O.C. 20cm (2)

L/U: ground cover

Evergreen stoloniferous sub-shrub with dark-green, glossy leaves and 2-3cm wide flower spikes in spring, becoming drupe-like fruit in summer.  Prefers shade.  (Central, Zhejiang, Ganshu China)


PHYLLODOCE                                            Ericaceae


P. glanduliflora

(Yellow Mountain Heather)

H:20-40cm           Z:3

Upright Heather with fragrant, yellow to olive green, single or clustered flowers with purple anthers.  (Alpine areas from Alaska to Oregon).


RUBUS (Rosaceae)


Rubus calycinoides 'Emerald Carpet'

H:to 10cm             Z:7          *O.C. 50cm (2)

Carpet-forming, semi-evergreen ground cover with rich, hairy, silvery-green leaves.  White, solitary flowers become red fruit.  A UBC Botanical Garden introduction.


VACCINIUM (Ericaceae)


Vaccinium vitis-idaea (Foxberry)

H:10-30cm            Z:5          *O.C. 30cm (2)

Creeping, evergreen shrub with dark-green, 1.5cm long leaves.  White to pink flowers from late spring to early summer become bright-red, edible fruit.  Leaves used in medicine and tea, fruit edible.  (N. America, Europe, Asia)


VINCA (Apocynaceae)


Vinca minor (Periwinkle)

H:20cm                  Z:3          *O.C. 30cm (2)

Creeping, evergreen ground cover with 10-20cm long shoots, 1-3cm long, shiny, pointed leaves and violet-purple flowers.


Vinca minor 'Alba'

H:20cm                  Z:3          *O.C. 30cm (2)

White-flowering variety.


CNTA Standards

All of our stock is generously graded in accordance with the guide specifications for nursery stock published by the Canadian Nursery Trades Association (CNTA).


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