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ACANTHUS (Acanthaceae)


Acanthus mollis (Bear's Breech)

H:0.5-1.5m            Z:5

Large, distinctive prennial with glossy,dark-green leaves and mauve-flushed, 2.00m long flower spikes with white corollas.  Prefers full sun in deep, well-drained soil.  (Southern/Southwestern Europe)


ACHILLEA (Compositae)


Achillea 'Summer Pastels'

H:to 60cm             Z:2

Generous-blooming Achillea, flowering in a range of pastel shades including pink, rose, salmon to orange and purple to grey.  Drought tolerant.


Achillea millefolium 'Cerise Queen'

H:to 60cm             Z:1

Carefree, vigorous perennial with vivid pink flowers.  Prefers full sun.


AGAPANTHUS (Liliaceae)


Agapanthus campanulatus 'Albus'

(White Bell Agapanthus)

H:45cm                  Z:7

Clump-forming perennial with grey-green blades and dense heads of bell-shaped, white flowers on 60-80cm high stalks in summer.


AJUGA (Labiatae)


Ajuga genevensis (Blue Bugle)

H: to 40cm            Z:6

Low-growing perennial with deep, bright-blue flowers from May-July.


Ajuga reptans 'Atropurpurea'

H:to 30cm             Z:6

Low, creeping perennial with purplish-green leaves and purplish-blue flower spikes in early summer.


ANCHUSA (Boraginaceae)


Anchusa capensis 'Blue Angel'

(Cape Forget-Me-Not)

H:to 20cm             Z:7

Dwarf, hairy, compact perennial with profuse, vivid, ultramarine-blue flowers, excellent for a perennial border.  (S. Africa)


ANEMONE (Ranuneulaceae)


Anemone 'Pulsatilla' (Pasque Flower)

H:to 25cm             Z:3

Attractive alpine Anemone with hairy, slightly-pendant leaves and bell-shaped, blue to reddish-purple flowers.  Prefers partial shade in a cool site.


ARENARIA (Caryophyllaceae)


Arenaria 'Montana' (Sandwort)

H:5-10cm              Z:4

Robust, grey-green, hairy plant resembling Cerastium with 4cm long leaves and solitary, white, ascending flower cymes in summer.


ARMERIA (Plumbaginaceae)


Armeria maritima

H:to 30cm             Z:4

Stiff, tufted, grass-like mound with 10cm long leaves and red to pink or white flowers.  (Western Europe)


ASARUM (Aristolochiaceae)


The following varieties were introduced by Piroche Plants in 1998:


 Asarum caudigerum

Hardy plant with thick hair all over.  4-10cm long, pubescent leaves vary from triangular to rounded, deep-green and mottled on top, reddish to light-green on underside.  Green, long-centred flowers with a purplish red spot in April-May become 1.8cm, round fruit.  May bloom again in November in warmer zones.  Prefers partial shade.  (Central/South China)


 Asarum caudigerum var. cardiophyllum

Similar to A. caudigerum.  Has more white spots on the leaves and flowers in March. (China)


 Asarum delavayi

Lightly pubescent, 7-12cm long leaves are deep-green and white-veined with pale spots on top and light-green to purple-red underneath with long petioles to 21cm.  Large, purple-green, tubular flowers bloom in April-May and are 4-6cm in diameter.  Spreads by creeping rhizomes.  Prefers deep shade.

(Southwest China)


 Asarum delavayi var. rubriflorum

Similar to the A. delavayi except the flowers are reddish and the plant is somewhat less hardy.


 Asarum forbesii

Wide, heart-shaped, deep-green leaves, 3-8cm long, pale centre veins, light-green on the underside.  Tubular, dark-purple flowers are 1-1.5cm long.  Prefers partial shade.  (Eastern China)


 Asarum maximum

Heart-shaped, mottled-green, 6-13cm long leaves, light-green on underside.  Dark-purple, open, tubular flowers, 4-6cm in diameter, bloom in April-May.  Plants spread by short, thick, creeping rhizomes.  Prefers partial shade.  (Central & South China)


 Asarum porphyronotum

Mottled, ovate, 5-15cm long leaves have purple-red undersides and deep-red petioles.  Wide, tubular, purple-green flowers, 2-2.5cm in diameter, bloom in April-May.  Prefers partial shade.  (Central China)


 Asarum porphyronotum var. atrovirens

Similar to the A. porphyronotum but with smaller flowers and shiny, deep-green, 5-10cm long leaves that are light-green on the underside. (China)


 Asarum splendens

Mottled, ovately heart-shaped to deeply cut heart-shaped, 6-10cm long leaves.  Purple-green flowers bloom in April-May and form shallow cups, 5-6cm in diameter.  Wide spreading by creeping rhizomes.  (Central China)


ASTER (Compositae)


Aster alpinus 'Blue'

H:to 50cm             Z:2

Bluish-purple, Daisy-like flowers.


ASTILBE (Saxifragaceae)


Astilbe x arendsii 'Amethyst'

Tall, showy, lilac-rose flower spikes to 90cm tall, late-spring, rise above lacy foliage.


Astilbe x ardensii 'Fanal'

Dark leaves and crimson-red, early-blooming flowers.


Astilbe x arendsii 'Peach Blossom'

Large, showy, delicate pink flower spikes to 50cm tall rise above lacy foliage (Early season).


Astilbe x arendsii 'Rheinland'

Tall, showy, carmine-rose flower spikes in late-spring, rise above delicate, lacy foliage.



(Astilbe continued)


Astilbe chinensis 'Purple Kerze'

Dark-green foliage and large, purple flower spikes to 1m tall.


Astilbe chinensis pumila

Dwarf variety with deeply-cut, bronze-green foliage and showy, lilac-pink flower spikes to 25cm tall in early-summer.


Astilbe japonica 'Mainz'

Tall, lilac-rose flower spikes to 60cm tall in early-spring, rise above lacy foliage.


BERGENIA (Saxifragaceae)


Bergenia x 'Sunningdale'

H:to 30cm             Z:3

Attractive magenta leaves in winter and fuschia-pink flowers in early-spring.  Tolerates full sun.


Bergenia cordifolia

H:to 30cm             Z:3

Evergreen perennial with large, round, tough leaves and red, pink or white flower spikes in early-spring.  (Siberia)


 Bergenia omeiensis

H:to 30cm             Z:3

Discovered in China in the 1970's.  Similar to B. purpurescens, distinguishable by its larger flowers varying from pure white to light, apricot-pink.  Introduced by Piroche Plants, 1998.  (China)



CAMASSIA (Hyacinthaceae)


Camassia quamash (Camas)

H:0.6m                   Z:3

Perennial bulb with daffodil-like foliage and spikes of star-shaped, blue flowers in spring.  (Western N.America)


CENTAUREA (Compositae)


Centaurea macrocephala (Globe Centaurea)

H:to 1m                  Z:3

Stout, upright perennial with long, narrow, wavy, green leaves and 5cm wide, bright-yellow composite globes in mid-summer.  A good cut flower, excellent for mixed plantings in a perennial border.




Chrysanthemum coccineum

'Robinson's Red' (Painted Daisy)

H:90cm                  Z:4

Bushy perennial with dark, crimson-petaled, yellow-centered, daisy flowers.  Excellent accent to a bright perennial border.




Convallaria majalis (Lily of the Valley)

H:to 25cm             Z:2

Creeping perennial with 5-15cm long leaves and 20cm tall flower spikes with 5-13, fragrant, bell-shaped flowers.  (Widespread distribution)


ECHINACEA (Compositae)


Echinacea purpurea

H:to 1m                  Z:3

Rough, leathery foliage and stiff, sparsely-branched stems, becoming reddish.  Pink to wine-red, rayed flowers from July-September.  Medicinal properties.  (North American prairies)


Echinacea purpurea 'Bravado'

H:0.9-1.5m            Z:3

Coarse, strong foliage bearing large, crimson-red, single, composite flowers with large, golden, brownish-green center-cones from July-September.


EPIMEDIUM (Berberidaceae)

H:25-40cm            Z:4

Low-growing, evergreen ground cover spread by creeping, underground stems, forming a tough, thick carpet of heart-shaped leaves.  Small, loose, waxy flower spikes in spring.  For full effect of floral display, shear to the ground in late winter. Does well in shade.


Epimedium x rubrum

H:40cm                  Z:5

Bronze, reddish-green leaves, red-flushed on new growth and attractive, bright-red and yellow flowers in April-May.


Epimedium x youngianum 'Niveum'

H:25cm                  Z:5

Small, narrow leaves and pure-white, partly-spurred, loose flower racemes.


Epimedium x youngianum 'Roseum'

H:25cm                  Z:5

Variable, occasionally lop-sided leaves and light, violet-pink flowers.


GAILLARDIA (Compositae)


Gaillardia aristata 'Goblin' (Blanket Flower)

H:30cm                  Z:3

Dwarf variety with large, rich, red-tipped, dark-centered, yellow flowers throughout summer.



GEUM (Rosaceae) (Avens)


Geum chilense 'Lady Stratheden'

H:40-60cm            Z:5

Golden yellow flowers.


GUNNERA (Gunneraceae)


Gunnera tinctoria (Giant Rhubarb)

H:1.5m                   Z:7

Large, prickly-leaved perennial with reddish cylindrical flower panicles on 50cm tall spikes.  (Patagonia, Chile)




Helianthemum mutabile (Sun Rose)

H:15-20cm            Z:5

Tiny, evergreen leaves and bright, showy, double, multi-coloured flower clusters from June-September.




Hemerocallis 'Stella d'Oro' (Gold Daylily)

H:to 30cm             Z:3

Long-blooming, small-growing, yellow-flowering Hemerocallis, forming a bright, lush, grassy mound.



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HEUCHERA (Saxifragaceae)


Heuchera sanguinea 'Splendens'

(Coral Bells)

H:30-40cm            Z:4

Rounded, hairy leaves and carmine-red flowers.


HOSTA (Liliaceae)


Hosta 'August Moon' (Golden Yellow Hosta)

H:30-60cm            Z:3

Vigorous, medium-sized Hosta with pale, golden-yellow foliage and nearly white flowers in July-August.  Prefers partial sun to full shade.


Hosta fortunei 'Aureo Marginata'

(Golden-Edged Hosta)

H:50cm                  Z:3

Bright-golden yellow edges on dark-green leaves with late-blooming, lilac flowers.  Prefers partial sun to full shade.


Hosta fortunei 'Obscura'

H:50-80cm            Z:3

Vigorous, wide-spreading Hosta with dark, grey-green leaves and pale-violet flowers, mid-late summer.


Hosta plantaginea 'Royal Standard'

H:50-60cm            Z:3

Vigorous perennial with large, glossy, rich green, deeply-veined leaves and large, fragrant, white flowers in August-September.  Prefers partial sun to full shade.


Hosta sieboldiana 'Elegans'

H:40-50cm            Z:3

Large, rounded, thick, puckered, blue-green leaves and white flowers in summer.  Partial sun to full shade.  (Japan)



Hosta undulata 'Albomarginata'

H:40-80cm            Z:3

Very attractive, vigorous perennial with large, creamy-white, margined leaves and hardy, funnel-formed, light purple flowers in July-August.


Hosta undulata 'Univitatta'

(syn. Mediovariegata)

H:20-40cm            Z:3

Small, wavy-leaves with creamy-white streaks in the center and light-purple flowers in July.


IRIS (Iridaceae)


Iris germanica

H:to 80cm             Z:5

Medium-sized, violet-blue flowers with brown throat venations and yellow beards on well-branched stems.


Iris kaempferi (Japanese Iris)

H:to 1m                  Z:4

Bright-green, slender leaves with distinctly raised midribs, stems usually have one lateral branch.  Flowers in groups of 3-4, white, pink, blue and violet in July.  (Japan)


Iris pseudoacorus (Yellow Flag)

H:to 1m                  Z:5

Grass-green leaves to 3cm wide on unbranched, somewhat compressed stems.  Yellow flowers with black-brown venation in the center bloom from May-June.  Found near ponds and stream banks with other aquatic plants.  (Europe)



 Maximum Impact Planting Recommendation

Abbreviated as O.C. (Off Centre), see explanation in catalog introduction.


Iris tectorum (Wall Iris)

H:to 50cm             Z:6

Wide, sword-shaped, upright, light-green leaves with distinct venation and lilac to blue-violet, 10cm wide flowers.  Prefers full sun and well-drained soil.  (China)


LAVANDULA (Labiatae)


Lavandula angustifolia 'Munstead'

H:30-45cm            Z:5          *O.C. 50cm (2)

L/U: mass planting

Small, compact, aromatic shrub with narrow, blue-green leaves and lavender-blue flowers from late-spring to early-summer, occasionally re-blooming.  (Mediterranean region)


LINUM (Linaceae)


Linum perenne 'Sapphire' (Blue Flax)

H:to 60cm             Z:5

Feathery foliage on 45cm wide stems with sky-blue flowers from May-July.


LYCHNIS (Caryophyllaceae)


Lychnis chalcedonica (Maltese Cross)

H:0.6-1m               Z:4

Rough, hairy leaves and fiery red, 5-10cm wide flowers on leafy, stiff stems from June-August. (Russia)


Bareroot Peonies

Large selections of Peonies are available from China.  All plants are propagated by division and grown on their own roots, and therefore are sucker-free and long-lasting!  Contact our sales department for prices and availability.


MUSA (Musaceae)


Musa 'Basjoo' (Hardy Banana)

H:5-6m                   Z:7

Tropical plant becomes hardy, vigorous perennial in colder areas.  Leaves to 1.5m long unravel at a rate of one per week during the summer heat.  Requires fall mulching.  (Japan)


OENOTHERA (Onagraceae)


Oenothera missouriensis (Missouri Primrose)

H:10-20cm            Z:5

Dwarf variety with leathery, silvery-green leaves and 10cm wide, light-yellow, long-lasting, night-blooming flowers from May-September.  Prefers full sun.


PAEONIA (Paeoniaceae)


Paeonia lactiflora

H:60cm                  Z:6          *O.C. 1.50m (20)

L/U: accent or grouping

Perennial Peony with reddish stems, smooth, dark-green leaves and often fragrant flowers in summer.  (Tibet to China, Siberia)


Paeonia tenuifolia

H:to 50cm             Z:5

Perennial Peony with unbranched stems, deeply-cut, fern-like leaves and single, brick- to purple-red flowers with red filaments and yellow anthers in spring.



Named varieties are priced individually.

Current availability list sent on request.



PENSTEMON (Scrophulariaceae)


Penstemon fruticosa 'Purple Haze'

H:20cm/W:60cm                  Z:3/4

Semi-evergreen sub-shrub with mauve-purple, tubular flowers in late-spring.  A UBC Botanical Garden introduction.


PEROVSKIA (Lamiaceae)


Perovskia atriplicifolia 'Blue Spire'

(Blue Russian Sage)

H:1m                      Z:5

Finely-cut, blue-grey, fragrant foliage with loose spikes of mid to late season lavender-blue flowers.  Prefers well-drained site.  (Afghanistan)



PRIMULA (Primulaceae)


Primula vialii (Orchid Primrose)

H:to 30cm             Z:6/7

Striking Primula with hairy, light-green leaves and tubular, lavender-blue and bright-red flowers on 20-30cm tall spikes in June-July.  Requires partial shade in moist soil.


RUDBECKIA (Compositae)


Rudbeckia fulgida var. speciosa 'Goldsturm'

H:to 60cm             Z:3

L/U: perennial border

Long-blooming, golden-yellow, brown-centred flowers from mid-late summer on branched, rough, hairy stems.  Drought tolerant.


SAXIFRAGA (Saxifragaceae)


Saxifraga arendsii 'Spring Snow'

H:to 20cm             Z:5

Tight, evergreen mound with tiny, white, cup-shaped blossoms on short stems in April-May..  Prefers light, well drained soil.


SCABIOSA (Dipsacaceae)


Scabiosa caucasica 'Fama'

H:to 50cm             Z:4

Grey-green, entire, basal leaves and large heads of bright-blue flowers.


STACHYS (Labiatae)


Stachys byzantina (syn lanata)

(Lamb's Ears)

H:30-50cm            Z:5

L/U: edging, ground cover

Woolly, greyish-white, creeping perennial with rosettes of basal leaves and spikes of small, whorled, purplish-pink flowers from June-September.  Prefers full sun.




L/U: solitary, grouping, ground cover

A large group of adaptable perennials and evergreen plants ranging from 2cm to 10m in height, requiring very little attention.  Ferns create a woodsy or jungle effect in any landscape.


ADIANTUM (Polypodiaceae)


Adiantum pedatum (Maidenhair Fern)

H:25-30cm            Z:5          *O.C. 50cm (3)

Delicate, native Fern with distinct, dainty fronds on long, slender stalks.  Thrives in shade in rich, moist soil.  (BC)


ATHYRIUM (Polypodiaceae)


Athyrium filix-femina 'Cristatum'

(Crested Lady Fern)

H:.70-1m               Z:3          *O.C. 60cm (3)

Bright-green, deciduous fronds on stiff stems arising from a crown and very refined leaflets with crested growth at each end.  Prefers shade.  (Central/Eastern N. America)




BLECHNUM (Polypodiaceae)


Blechnum spicant (Deer Fern)

H:25-30cm            Z:4          *O.C. 40cm (2)

Native Fern with dark-green, fertile and sterile fronds.  Prefers moist soil in full shade.  (Northwestern N. America)


CRYPTOGRAMMA (Polypodiaceae)


Cryptogramma crispa (Parsley Fern)

H:to 15cm             Z:6          *O.C. 20cm (2)

Numerous, clustered fronds spread by rhizomes.  Prefers bright, rocky sites.  Drought tolerant.  (BC, Southern California, Quebec, Labrador, Eurasia)



POLYSTICHUM (Polypodiaceae)


Polystichum munitum (Western Sword Fern)

H:60-90cm            Z:4          *O.C. 60cm (3)

Tough, native Fern with tall, narrow, evergreen fronds; grows well in any average garden soil.  An excellent ground cover for shaded to semi-shaded areas.  (Alaska to California)



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PTERIDIUM (Pteridaceae)


Pteridium aquilinum (Bracken Fern)

H:0.5-1m               Z:3          *O.C. 50cm (4)

Large, deciduous Fern with upright fronds and edible young shoots.  Spreading rhizomes, heavily branched below the ground.. (Widely distributed)





Throughout this catalog we use an off center (O.C.) spacing recommendation for maximum mass planting effect.


Flushed right, in bold, next to the hardiness zone, the number of years in parentheses, i.e. (4), indicates the number of years required for the plant size indicated by an asterix* to achieve a solid mass, therefore reducing future maintenance in the landscape.


The planting year is considered year one as little growth is expected the first year.


When selecting a plant size other than those indicated by an *, add or subtract one year according to the container size to achieve the same result.  (Generally, there is an additional year's growth difference between container sizes #1 pot, #2 pot and #3/#5 pot).


We should mention, however, that these are recommendations for maximum planting only and that for lower budget projects, or for other purposes, these spacings could be extended.



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